Whould you like to visit our mini camping?


Do you like small-scale camping? You will find hiking and cycling fine? Would you take the dog (s)? Then our mini camping might be for you. 

We see on our mini-camping active campers who want to camp for an affordable price and basic services suffice. Customers who are visiting our minicamping in general: -people who want to be with family and friends and yet want to have their ' own ' place -on the grass with the (mini) camper and a sheltered environment -customers who stay one night ore a few days.

We are open from May 1 to September 30.


Who are we....

We are Cor and Sonja Bakker and have a small, quiet mini camping at home. The atmosphere is welcoming, open and friendly. Residents and guests go fine with each other.

The Doggersvaart -as we call our yard- is a green island on the outside of the town of Den Helder. In front of us are the bulb fields of Den Helder/julianadorp. Our yard is surrounded by trees and bushes, sheltered from the sea breeze and the outside world. Every year we plant new plants; hydrangeas, fuchsias, roses, geraniums, lavender and butterfly bushes you will find much to it. You camp so if it were in our garden.

There is a cycle path along the Doggersvaart. You can walk this way (with the dog) and cycling in the direction of forest, dunes and beach. Shops, public transport and the ferry to Texel (6 km) are nearby.


Minicamping Doggersbank

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